Dr. Martin "Marty" Morris
October 27, 1929 - July 11, 2012

Marty Morris
Marty Morris 6/13/10
July  13, 2012 -  Marty Morris passed away in his sleep early Wednesday morning, according to his son, Dr. Ken Morris. Sportfishing lost a true friend and tireless volunteer. An avid big-game angler, Morris named his boat the Ken-Dan after his two sons. Morris took pride in fishing with his family and close friends, and they won their share of tournaments and prizes. On Oct. 30, 1982 the Morris family, with Marty at the wheel, landed three striped marlin off the San Diego coast. Marty’s wife, Carolyn, caught a 105-pounder; Dan boated a 106-pounder; and Ken caught the heaviest, a 158-pounder.

Marty Morris was a retired physician. He, Carolyn and Ken, who is associate medical director and chief of pediatrics at North County Health Services, helped make the annual Make-A-Wish Tuna Challenge a successful fundraising event. A memorial is planned for
9 a.m. Sunday July 22, at the San Diego Marlin Club.

“It will be an informal memorial where everyone can tell their favorite stories,” said Ken Morris, who added anglers wearing their favorite fishing shirts will be welcome. - Ed Zieralski

Hi there! Welcome to "our" web site. If you are here then you know who I am. If you don't know me you probably wouldn't even be looking.
    This is an attempt to chronicle the boating and fishing activities of my family including my wife, Carolyn, sons Kenneth and Daniel, and daughter, Melody (who contributes moral support). In addition, I wish to point out that many other individuals have been active in this noteworthy endeavor. Thus, I would like to more or less dedicate this site to Dr. Al Figliozzi who got me started in Albacore fishing, Dr. Sanbo Sakaguchi and Mr. Bud Perkins who supported and fostered that activity, Bob and Jan Flamer who got us started in boating and introduced us to the wonders of billfishing, and to Geoff Halpern, a constant companion and teacher the past 33 years. And, of course, Harry Okuda who is always ready to go fishing.
    As for myself, I do not play golf, tennis, racquetball, cards or even croquet. The one compulsion of my younger days, basketball, ended rather abruptly one Sunday morning with a resounding Achilles tendon rupture and surgery. (yes, I made the shot). And now I have become addicted to the 3 "P's" - Pasta, Pizza, and Piscatorial Pleasures. The 1st two are all too obvious and the third - that's what this is all about.
In the preparation of this program it becomes obvious that a major benefit is a pictorial record of one's family, especially the children, growing up - not quite like movies, but another version of a slide show. However, a major problem with this show is having one's family (and the author's friends) watch this one grow - not so much up - but wider. One thing I know - no one will throw the term "maturing" in my direction.


If you find the sight of a (at times 2, even 3) dead marlin distasteful or offensive then this presentation is not for you. However, history is history and we (everyone connected with this project) have nothing to be ashamed of. To the contrary, we are rather proud of our achievements. If you cannot accept the natural progression in the development of this sport then you probably are equally repulsed by the works of (no comparison is intended) Ernest Hemingway, S. Kip Farrington, Jr., Zane Gray, Charles Frederick Holder, and many, many others. History cannot be unwritten.


As the poet wrote      :

 "The moving finger writes; and, having writ,
Moves on: nor all your Piety nor Wit
Shall lure it back to cancel half a line,
Nor all your tears wash out a word of it." 

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In the beginning....
1969 - My First Marlin - Rancho Buena Vista
1970 Highlights - Nassau, Grand Bahamas, East Coast Tuna
1971 Highlights - The 1st KEN-DAN, Hawaiian Invitational Billfish Tournament
1972 Highlights - Our 1st Marlin in Local Waters, Cairns, Australia
1974 Highlights - The New KEN-DAN, Carolyn's Marlin, Marty's Marlin, LABC
1975 Highlights - LABC - 1st Broadbill in the tournament
1976 Highlights - ILTT - Bob Flamer & Al Epstein, L.A.B.C. - Carolyn, Brotherly Love
1977 Highlights - Carolynn's Marlin, ILTT - Marty Morris, LABC - Harry Okuda, 10/22-PETTY CA$H Double
1978 Highlights - HIBT, Kenneth's 1st Marlin
1979 Highlights - Swordfish, Daniel's 1st Marlin, 10/10 - Yellowfin, 10/24-Marty's Marlin
1980 Highlights - Carolyn's World Record Bigeye, August 27 - Triple, ILTT - We Got It
1981 Highlights - 6/24-Bigeye, 9/16-Al,  Marty & a "sixtuple", An observer released fish by Andy Crean.
                                 10/21 - Barry Halpern, 11/4 Marty and Geoff
1982 Highlights - 9/26-Double, ILTT Limited Out, 10/16-Travis Price, The family's triple Marlin
1983 Highlights - Geoff & Harry double, LABC, ILTT
1984 Highlights - Ed Sweet's January Marlin, Bud Perkin's February Marlin, LABC Tough Year
1985 Highlights - July 25 - Daniels Marlin, LABC,  Avalon Tournament, September 28 - A Graham fish
1986 Highlights - Marlin & Bigeye, Double Bigeye, LABC Avalon Tournament, Screwed up, broken rule Award
1987 Highlights - 7/11 Al's Birthday Marlin, 8/5 - Double, ILTT Tagged & Released Fish, Sterling Silver Buckles
1988 Highlights - Boys Solo
1989 Highlights - LABC - KEN-DAN
1990 Highlights - Melody's Contribution, September 8 - Daniel's Marlin, September 15 - Marty's Solo Marlin
1991 Highlights - ILTT - Geoffry Got it, October Susan McEvoy
1992 Highlights - National Coalition North-South Tournament
1994 Highlights - ILTT, 10/1-Floaters
1995 Highlights - 1995 - Cabo, Labor Day Marlin Fishing, December Marlin
1997 Highlights - 5/20-The Albacore have returned, 7/20-1st Release for the Marlin Club, Melody's Dorado
1998 Highlights - 1/2-Mark Henwood's 1st Fish for the Marlin Club, Alan Morris Albacore, 9/25-10/1-DEEP COLOR,
                                  Mag Bay Trip
2001 Highlights - 9/29/2001-Make a Wish Tuna Challenge, 10/24 - Last Marlin of the Year
2002 Highlights - 1st Albacore of the year, 9/2 - Close Encounter, Make a Wish Tuna Challenge
2003 Highlights - Marlin Clubs 1st Released Marlin, Team KEN-DAN, July Albacore, Last Albacore of the Season
2004 Highlights - 12/1-One more try, 11/24-Fat Lady Tribute, 10/13 - Harry Okuda, 10/8 - George Nelson,
                                  9/1 - So it didn't weigh 180,
8/26-Albacore8/19-Marty Returns,  
                                 January 31, 2004 - Don Blackman Memorial
2005 Highlights - 1/28 - Hubboldt Jumbo Squid, 2/4 - Humboldt Jumbo Squid-part 2, 2/13 - You Dirty Rat,
                                  First Flag2/25 - Still Biting, 3/2 - Fred Hall, 3/8-WFO Squid,
3/8 - WFO Squid,
                                  6/18 - First Albacore, 7/13-Slooow, 7/16-WFO Albies, August 2005 - Top 10 Anglers8/10 - Stripe,
                                  8/13 - Bluefin & Yellowfin, 8/17 - Carp, 8/31 - WFO Marlin9/24 - Make a Wish Tuna Challenge,
                                  11/25 - Two Finner
2006 Highlights - 6/15 - Reflections from Russia, 6/18 - Deflected Reflections, 6/21 - From Russia  , 6/28 - Albacore,
                                  7/1 - Harry O, 7/5 - Old Fart, 7/12 - ZZZZZZZZZ, 7/19 - Dodo, 7/27 - Thursday Report,
                                  8/3 - Another Thursday Report,
8/12 - 2pm bite , 8/24 Say your Prayers9/4 -7 - 4 - 1

2007 Highlights - 1/3 - They're baaaack!, June 23 - Albacore, July 4 - More Albacore, September 29 - Make a Wish

2008 Highlights - The Final Chapter,   B17 Flight5/21-Progress Report, 5/26-Update, 5/28-Update,
                                  KEN-DANDY arrives, 6/12-It Floats,
Maiden Voyage- Mighty Murray's "Ken-Dandy"
                                 July 2, 2008 - Wednesday Fish Report

2009 Highlights - 1/18/09 Lan's 1st Squid, 5/23/09 - Ken's Independence, 6/28/09 - Tom's 43 pound Albie,
                                 8/4/09 - Mystery Fish 8/9/09 Alan's Bulefin9/20/09 Shh  Sleeping
                                 10/29/09 Miami Swordfishing,
11/22/09 - Marty's 80th Birthday Party,
2010 Highlights   1/1/10 - Starting off the New Year Swordfishing and Squidfishing, 2/12/10 - Squid are still here,
                                 4/24/10 - Fishing the high seas with Ms. Amelia , 6/29/10 - In Pursuit of Swordfish,
                                 7/24/10 - Two Albacore, 9/1/10-Harry Okuda Bluefin
 , 9/8/10-They're baaack

2014 Highlights    3/31/14 - KEN-DAN Revisited - Ken, Meredith and Amelia Morris, Anglers Have A Chance To Reel In Art

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