Bob & Jan Flamer were responsible for getting us involved in this sport and, from time to time, we would go fishing with them. It was on their 32' Luhrs that we saw our 1st Broadbill up close as one swam under the bow.

October 22, 1997 - On another occasion, we hooked, but lost, a Marlin while albacore fishing. Later, with their 43' Egg Harbor - PETTY CA$H,  I went along for a trip out in the direction of Santa Barbara Island. Our first bite was, we thought, a double. Both Jan and I cranked away when it became obvious that it was the Marlin with a double. Somehow he had hooked on 2 jigs and it was a joint effort in getting that fish in. Later, when bit again, they (Bob and Jan) nervously watched while their son, David, fought and caught a fish, his 1st Marlin.