We first fished in the Marlin Club's Invitational Light Tackle Tournament in 1972 being lucky enough to take my 1st Marlin in Local Waters. At the time this was the only inter-club Marlin tournament on the West Coast. However, while we prepared to fish down there the Los Angeles Billfish Club was in the process of initiating a new tournament to be held at Avalon, Catalina Island.

Despite having our home port at the Del Rey Yacht Club in Marina Del Rey we regularly brought the boat to San Diego for the Albacore fishing and tried to support the Marlin Club by fishing in their tournament as often as possible. From time to time we met with success and still have some of the trophies we managed to take home. In addition, we regularly fished in the LABC Avalon Invitational. In fact, in the 18 years of the Avalon Tournament the "KEN-DAN" was the only boat to fish in all 18 tournaments. Along with the LEGEND, JO-JO IV, and the ATUN we the 4th team to win the tournament twice. Thus, I present to you some of our efforts. I should also add that while all of this was going on two more anglers were added to our log: inevitably both Kenneth and Daniel were to record their 1st Marlin and regularly added to the family album.

L A Billfish Club
1992 - National Coalition North-South Tournament
Make a Wish Tuna Challenge