National Coalition North-South Tournament

  But before making the trip there was other business to attend to. We represented the Marlin Club for the South team in the National Coalition North-South tournament. Geoff, Ken and I were our team. On the way to Cat Harbor I talked to Gene Grimes on the "LEGEND" and he told us of one of the boats seeing lots of fish just outside of the Santa Barbara Anchorage. Therefore, we opted to head for that island instead of Catalina. In the morning, we came across feeders and Geoff was able to drop a bait in front of a tailer that popped up alongside the boat. That fish was released. In early afternoon nothing was happening so I changed one of the lures to a pink Door Knob lure and within minutes of hitting the water it was nailed by a marlin. Geoff happened to be "up" at the time and was able to handle that fish as well. The two releases on 20 gave him and us 430 points. He won 1st Place Angler honors and gave us 2nd Place Team position. This helped the Marlin Club to 1st Place Club honors and the South teams the over-all victory. Geoff won a hand-held Trimble GPS rods for the team. Pictured with the team is Andy Crean on the right, who was kind of chairman of the event.