Geoff and I decided that we were going to go "for broke." We attended a lecture by Gary Graham on how to set up the drags for 12 pound tackle and how to manage the hook-ups, etc. That was also the year that Bob Flamer set up a "LEGEND" watch." That is, he was determined to go where they go and fish where they fish. He had team-mates sit up all night waiting for the "LEGEND" to take off. I couldn't sleep so I would wander out to see what was going on. When I spotted Bob's "PETTY CASH" with radar going and running lights on I looked out and saw that the "LEGEND" was getting ready to go. I poked Geoffrey who wasn't sleeping well and we decided to follow along. Carolyn, of course, slept through this. By the time we dropped the mooring and slipped out of the harbor the other two boats were gone, but we noticed they had turned to the right out of the harbor. Thus, we didn't know if they were headed for the 277, 181, 14 mile bank or San Clemente. We figured it was probably the latter. After turning the East end I called the name of Joe Werner's store on the radio. Joe, one of Bob's team called back and the ADF needle pointed at them on the way to San Clemente. By light there was the "LEGEND" who had turned right heading towards Northwest Harbor and Bob turning to the left along with us. Nothing happened during the morning. In the PM we ran a bunch of birds working a seal several miles north of Pyramid and got bit. Geoffrey got the fish on 20. That afternoon we heard Elmer Hare (Hair?) telling Kenny Dickerson that half way back to Catalina they had been bit on a yellow Koga head lure. The year before at Day at the Docks Kenneth had picked up a - yes, yellow Koga head lure and told us to put it in a drawer for some special occasion. Once anchored at the Fish-Hook anchorage we pulled open the drawer and rigged up that lure. The next day we worked the same area where we had been bit the day before and found 2 huge meatballs on the meter, about 1/2 mile apart. We punched in the numbers and worked them back and forth. That morning we trolled the yellow lure on a 12 pound line (2 - 12's and 2-20's). That lure got bit three times and we caught and tagged all three - 2 by me and 1 by Geoff averaging only 20 min each. Carolyn wanted to get in on the act and sure enough, we got bit again on 12, but on a Zuker zipper lure. That fish took off and is probably still running. She is left handed and just couldn't crank fast enough with a right handed reel. Finally it pulled off so much line that it broke off. I made the mistake of not having her back off the drag almost to neutral. But we were bit again - this time a triple and Carolyn was able to get the one that stuck, on 20. The following day we had another on 12 on a drop back, but it charged through the lines and cut off. So we had 3 fish on 12 and 2 on 20, winning 1st PLACE in the tournament for the 2nd time and just beating out the "LEGEND" once again.

   For this particular competition we were representing the Del Rey Yacht Club, our home port in Marina Del Rey. The other members of our team were Jordy Weitzman's "HAVEN," Bob Flamer's "PETTY CASH," and Kenny Cohen's "WENDEBRA." Bob and Jordy had managed to find us that second day each scoring some fish adding to the Club total with the Club, not noted for its fishing prowess, bringing home the top Club award.    
1989 LABC Avalon Tournament - 1st Place Team - Minolta 7x50 Binoculars, Clock Trophy, and 1st Place Team Plaque

 Here is the boat at the Marlin Club with flags flying after returning to San Diego from winning the 1989 (the 18th and last) LABC Avalon Invitational Tournament.

This is a picture of our winning team at the Awards banquet."

Here is the picture of the Captains of the Del Rey Yacht Club 1st Place Club (Avalon, 1989). From L to R:  Kenny Cohen, Marty, Bob Flamer, and Jordy Weitzman