Marlin Club 1st Release

    Slowly, Marlin began to show and the "Sea Trek" took 3 fish at the bottom of the "upper finger" bank on July 19th. The next day the fleet headed in that direction. But Carolyn and I did not want to make that long a trip so we worked outside and below the islands. Just east of South Island we saw a huge area of breaking bait fish, apparently mackerel. So we worked up to that area and while everyone down on the 'finger" was blanking out we got a double bite, one falling off. Carolyn worked that fish, we brought it to the boat and I was able to release it even though Carolyn couldn't get me the tagging stick in time. This proved to be the 1st Release of the Year for the Marlin Club.

   But slowly, word leaked out about some exceptional Marlin fishing outside of Ensenada on the Banda Bank. In fact, the stories began to sound very good. And so, Geoff and I headed down there and found the Tuna Club boats having almost exceptional fishing. We watched Robert Ross with a charter take three fish by 10 AM by drifting base on the edge of the "finger" bank extension. Trolling down the bank we got bit and wound up catching and releasing 2 fish for the day.