Daniels's 1st Marlin

    Geoff Halpern and I tried to make Wednesdays our 'golf days'. Leaving Marina Del Ray at night we regularly dodged the tankers, freighters, liners, etc in the shipping lane, fishing anywhere from the "17" ("Hidden Reef"), Santa Barbara Island, Catalina West End, or parts to the East  Long Point, Avalon Bank, East End, 277, 209, 14 mile bank, etc, etc, etc. At times we would stay at Cat Harbor or Long Point for a few hours of sleep before taking off.

    From time to time we would take one of the boys along, school permitting. As it was Daniel had "adopted" Ron Costa  and his "HAPPY KANAKE" from our docking together on "D" dock at Marina Cortez. He spent several summers working with Ron as the "pinhead" on the boat. Thus, we had to take him along when he was done working and before school started.

    On Sept 5, 1979 ( the year following Kenneth's 1st) we found ourselves off the "slide" heading towards the 277. Yup - it happened. Snap off the outrigger, bent rod and screaming reel. We assigned Daniel the job of cranking it in. We got it in and promptly gaffed it. Daniel got the radio notifying Costa of his catch. And it was off to Avalon for the weigh-in and photo. And so, another page for the family album (and web site).