Another 1st Flag of the Year Award!

Current events have covered reports of a possible rat infestation on D-Dock of the Kona Kai Marina. At least 2 boats have encountered visitors in the nite with the usual tell-tale little black ovules marking their presence. Of course, chewed up reel handles, shredded paper, premature shortening of red licorice strips, and unauthorized entry into various plastic containers also helped to identify the nature of the intruders. So out came those super stick trays and a few appropriately placed spring traps. Result: 3 near misses. One of the stickums was found across the salon upside down and the sticky surface covered with gray fur. And twice the traps with a variety of peanut butter and/or cheese had been sprung with no evidence of an intruder. Undaunted, more cheese, more peanut butter and even some red licorice. And then, success. Those spring traps are so strong they could break your (its) neck - it did! As Jimmy Cagney might have said: "Ooh, you dirty rat!."  And confirming the identify of the creature was the absence of fur on the side of his (hopefully not her) flank.

    And so - in recognition of this victory over nature - and, no, releasing was not considered - the winner of this most prestigious award goes to: