Prior to the Avalon tournament Al Epstein and I went "prospecting." We ran to Avalon the evening before, grabbed a mooring and got some rest. In the early AM we headed off towards the 277, 181, 289, etc routine for naught. Along the way we passed Stu on the "Mr. A" who told us of seeing fish north of Pyramid. So we headed in that direction and did see a jumper in that area. We continued on along the island to about the "dome" in the center of the island. As we turned towards the Mackeral Bank we got bit. Al took the rod and when we got all the other lines in and ready to go it threw the hook.

    So we turned around and headed back down the island. Up ahead we saw a huge flock of birds over white water looking like a wide spread area of "feeders." It was so far away that I didn't think we had a chance. We ran and just as we got there, as usual, everything went down. Al threw a bait and we just sat there with nothing showing. After a few minutes I said: "Let's go." I put the boat in gear and as I slid forward Al's rod bent over. The hook was apparently snagged on something. The "something" came up jumping and we were able to get that fish.

    So it was back to trolling. Normally, we troll the four lines, 2 from the out-riggers. At the time, however, we also ran a couple of lines from the fly bridge. Crossing that same area we suddenly had a fish up on every one of those 6 lines. A sixtuple!!! Lines screamed off in every direction with fish jumping everywhere. 2 lines cut off, another three unbuttoned and only 1 of the 6 "stuck." I got that one for the end of a successful trip.

    We reported the activity and over the next few days a large number of fish were caught in the area.