March 5, 2005

It looks like the usual Fred Hall show is as big as ever and I suspect that they have gone as far they can go (just like in Kansas City). Parking at busy times is already a  major problem and they may have to consider outlying parking lots with a shuttle service. But, regardless, on Saturday it is virtually impossible to walk up and down the lanes. At times, one could lift both feet and not fall to the ground - simply be propelled along by the surge of humanity. Lots of great exhibits, lots of tackle, etc, etc, etc. The Fisherman's Landing "booth" gets longer each year. Our Tuna Challenge (Make-A-Wish) booth was located across from Shimano and attracted a lot of attention in our efforts and the tournament. Lots of great art work available featured by the glass door created by Alpine Glass for Lori Byron, fantastic new sculptures by David Wirth, and some fine nautical works by Peter J. Even the fish mounts looked nice. Mark Wisch's new book and the association of Guy Harvey with Aftco also attracted a lot of lookie-loos. Harvey was there creating a new painting before our eyes.

    Guy Harvey was also on the radio with Pete Gray and the Lets Talk Hook-Up gang. He told an interesting tale of diving into the water and following a 1200 (+) pd. Black Marlin already hooked on 50 pd. line. He estimated he had to swim at a 3 knots speed to keep up until he was able to hook a heavy line (attached to a rig above) to the swivel at the end of the Marlin's leader. Some feat. But they were then able to work the fish to the surface and tag it before releasing it. In doing so the angler gave up what surely would have been a World Record. 

    Harvey also talked about the results of satellite tagging of striped marlin. The results quoted indicated that of stripers caught on bait with "J" hooks the majority failed to survive. ALL caught on live bait with circle hooks survived. Also, the survival rate of fish "caught" on light line is extremely low. The recommendations, despite what many of us have preached, is to "take" (you know, the "k" word) fish caught on light line and use Circle hooks whenever fishing live bait. Surely, the statistical insignificance of these relatively small numbers can not be denied, but more and more we are seeing similar results and recommendations. Should make for lots of conversation during what is left of the "hot-stove"  winter.