A Practical Demonstration of Marlin Fishing

        The father of Greg Varnon, a former college room-mate of Kenneth, was asking information on how to rig a boat for marlin fishing, the basics of how to fish for them, etc. Therefore, we (Geoff Halpern, Kenneth and I) invited them both to come along for perhaps a practical demonstration. So, on August 5, departing from Marina Del Rey, it was off to Catalina. In mid morning we were just a couple of miles off "the slide" when one of the lines got bit. Geoff cranked on it while we dropped back a bait which was promptly picked up and I got to handle that one. Meanwhile, Greg's dad was feverously writing down notes and taking it all in - with eyes wide open. See - just put out the lines, drag them around, and catch a couple of Marlin. That's all there is to it.