October 2, 1982

1982 ILTT - Nothing the 1st day. The 2nd we picked up Kenny Shilling on an off channel telling a friend that they had 2 fish already. (They wound up with three, but all were disqualified when they continued fishing on the way back.) We picked them up on the ADF and headed in that direction. As soon as we got in the area (the only other boat around) we got bit and Geoffey was on. Got it. Later in the PM about 1:30 with most of the fleet now in the area, we had a double and Jordy and I got both. While I was fighting mine, his angled towards the bow. We encouraged him to go to the bow, but after the above incident he wouldn't. Luckily mine came in quickly, we gaffed it, threw it in the boat and then spun the boat for Jordy.  First time we had ever limited out in the tournament. Lost on weight, but still: 2nd PLACE, DIVISION II.