1974 - The "New" KEN-DAN

    After three years of subjecting the Luhrs to the battles of the High Seas in search of the Longfins and slowly working into the Marlin wars I decided it was time for a change - as in "moving up." I had come across a boating magazine about the new Egg Harbor 38' sportfisher model. I even contacted the factory in Egg Harbor, New Jersey and was referred to Mr. Bob Henry at Yachting Associates in Newport Harbor. In the lot he had one of these boats that had been sitting on the lot for 6 months. In addition, he had an inventory of 5 - 48' Pacemakers and was anxious to make a deal. At the same time came the 1st great Arab oil embargo, the price of petro chemicals shot up and the cost of making fiberglass boats skyrocketed. With the original cost of this particular boat holding it was time to make the move. I got a great deal on the trade-in of the 32' Luhrs and came away with a great boat. 30 years later - same boat, but just about everything on the boat having been changed, up-graded, replaced, etc. (see front page of site) We took possession in Jan, 1974 and, of course, have probably paid for the boat many times over since that original purchase.

   About 12 years later I bumped into Mr. Henry and he was amazed that I still had the boat. He said that this was the only boat he had ever sold that had been kept by the owner until the mortgage (10 years) had been paid off. I wonder what he would say now. 



1974 - 1st Marlins on the "new" KEN-DAN

   The date was August 9 (regardless of the date on the picture) and Bob Flamer joined Carolyn, the boys and me for a trip to Catalina. This was to be the 1st exposure for both Kenneth and Daniel to the joys of Big Game fishing. (No, Melody had not arrived on the scene as yet.) We headed towards Avalon and someplace near the Avalon Bank ran a breaking bait meat-ball with diving birds. As we ran the jigs over the spot - bang! - hook-up and 25 minutes later Bob was able to gaff the fish, onto the swim step and off to the dock in Avalon. The boys don't look all that excited about the momentous event.

All told we caught 5 Marlin that year - not a record, but a nice average, especially for a 1st year of fishing with a new boat. Later, Carolyn was to record her 1st Marlin - ever - near Santa Barbara Island on August 25.    

As the season wore on Al Epstein and Geoff Halpern joined us and on Sept. 22 we had a memorable catch. Running feeders all day off the East End Geoff fought a fish for 1 hour when it rolled off the gaff and slid under the boat cutting off on the props. Shortly thereafter he hooked another fish on 30 pd. line, but on a very light flexible rod. He couldn't get much pressure on the fish and at dusk, 5 1/2 hours later we managed to boat the fish, a nice 180 pounder.