July 5, 2006 - Old fart

1st, props to Captains Randy & Sean & crew of the Ranger 85. Yesterday, They went the extra mile to the hot spot. 6pm to 9pm, somewhere 165 degree 145 mi. from the point, the game was on. Wide open bite on yft & bft. Every bait lobbed on the corner got bit. The farmers ( As kenneth would call them) could not get the bait to the fish, soooo the crew hooked & handed off fish after fish. It got to a point where there was no one to hand off to, soooooo they had to grind in the fish themselves. Tough life! Sean is the son of the President of the San Diego Anglers, Bill Davidson and is an up and coming skipper. Jim Walsh (Chairman of this years Make-A-Wish Tuna Challenge) was my date. a