1987 Awards

1987- Kenneth couldn't fish the 1st day so Daniel and I trolled around down below for naught. Ken made it down that night and we headed up towards the 279. Pre-dawn put us on the spot so I had Daniel run the boat to the west so that we would be starting out by looking into the sun. As we started moving, even before gray-light I picked up a sleeper; no, three; no, there must have been a dozen and we could barely see them. I ran to the bow and cast a mackeral about 5' from the boat with one of my classics (that's why they make me run the boat) and Ken threw off the back. We slow trolled it and - big splash - it came up jumping even before he set the hook. But we got it and with the start of releasing in the tournament tagged and released the fish for 120 points. Very slow fishing up there, but the late Don McAdam on Gary Graham's "WATER CLOSET" took a fish and it weighed out at 121 pounds. As a result Kenneth earned 2nd Place Angler (one of Don Blackman's beautiful boxes with a Fin-Nor 50 reel inside). Kenny Cohen's "WENDEBRA" got a fish and so "we" (LABC) finished as top club and the boat: 1st PLACE, DIVISION II. Beautiful Sterling Belt Buckles.