The Museum

Los Angeles Billfish Club Grand Slam Award

Striped, Blue, Black, & White Marlin and Sailfish
(plus Broadbill Bonus)

1972 ILTT - The Largest Marlin on 30 - Ambassador 10000 Reel


1980 - ILTT - Miscellaneous rods

1982 - ILTT - Miscellaneous rods

1984 - LABC Avalon Tournament - 1st Place Team - Penn Int. 20 & 1st Place Plaque - Reels to Marty, Carolyn, Al Epstein and Harry Okuda

    1984 - Marlin Club Frank Hope (Boat) Trophy
9 Marlin Tagged and Released

1987 ILTT - Kenneth Morris
2nd High Angler - Don Blackman Custom Box with
Fin-Nor 50 Reel
Member 1st Place Team, Div. II - Fin-Nor 12-20 Reel
Reels to Marty and Daniel as well

1987 ILTT - Sterling Silver Buckle - All Members of 1st Place Club
Los Angeles Billfish Club
KEN-DAN (Kenneth, Marty and Daniel)
WENDEBRA (Kenny Cohen, et al)

1989 LABC Avalon Tournament
1st Place Team - Minolta 7x50 Binoculars, Clock Trophy
and 1st Place Team Plaque

1989 - Marlin Club Frank Hope (Boat) Trophy
 9 Marlin Tagged and Released

1991 ILTT - Div. II - Krieger Moon Phase Watch
1st Place Team
Geoff, Marty, Carolyn, and Alan Smith


1992 North-South Tournament
Geoff Halpern - 1st Place Angler - Trimble Hand-held GPS Unit
Rods for: Last Fish of Tournament
2nd Place Team (Marty and Kenneth as well)

Fake Marlin Tail - described in 1994, 10-1, "Floaters"

2002 - Marlin Club Mel Ibey Trophy
Largest Tuna - 80 pound Bluefin