This is the dashboard being assembled to the tower  In place as viewed from behind.            


This is a group of four lifting the whole thing to the top of


These are our actual control boxes mounted on a frame and lying on the work bench. I tilted the picture. There are marks on the floor in the picture to the right that indicate where the bases of the there so he says they will be doing a "lot of work." Goal is to finish by middle of next week. Apparently, they have to make a small control wheel for the cockpit in the workshop. That is not the finished seat. And no                      of the hard-top. Not that heavy, but kind of bulky. And the

back rest is there. sun roof is removable.


                        They plan to be doing a lot of work the rest of the week - presumably attaching all the control devices and wires. I asked them to leave room to the left of the

                                      radar where we can crawl under to get topside. There really isn't room on the sides for ladder type of access. They just finished a major project while I was


frame will go. The angled part of the brace at the top go against that lower ledge in the picture on the controls. Almost time to start making bait. By the way, the Gulp people have a nice chum bucket for sale. The Gulp is in a bag in the bucket so one only has

right. Above the boxes is a small box of breakers with fuses. This is aft of the helm seat. The seat here to tie a string and soak it in the water. When done - back into the bucket and does not have to be frozen. Worth a try.

with the box under will have the microwave. The hydraulic sterring mechanism will be back there.


As viewed from ahead.


Another thing I noticed. The inboard (short line) rod holders on the old boat were in a ways from the posterior cleat and the long line were pointed straight out. Here, the short holders are straight back from the others that only point out about 45 degrees. Thus, with short rods the lines will practically be on top of one another. We will probably have to rubber band the short ones and maybe even out-rigger the outside lines (not necessarily all the way up). M