Progress Report 5/28/08

The instruments from Yamaha (tachs and speedometer for the tower - i.e. the "flybridge) came over the week-end and rather than FedEx them I went up there leaving early in the AM and getting there well before they even opened. Lots of time to do the X-word puzzle.


Apparently, Josh, the welder was out yesterday with the flu and the toe rail isn't done or the outrigger plates attached. They have a "worker" busy polishing the stainless tower. It shouldn't take long to do those things - if the welder is healthy.


Putting on those instruments just means drilling 3 holes and running the wires. And hook up all the other wires, cables, etc. The small steering wheel for the cockpit was due in today.  And the canvas has to be attached to the sun roof on the tower and have covers made for the controls. Sorry, no covers on the covers.                      


Soooo - it will be Friday at the earliest. Tony needs the space for another project.   And, hopefully, I don't have to make the drive again (about 85 miles).    M






Cockpit controls with wheel to go to the left.            


 A close up. The unit is hinged at the bottom for access to the cables. 



 Ignore the telephone pole. Kenneth's "Whiskey-Line" rod holder is in the center of the forward, higher rod rack. 



The helm controls. The name is Glendinning.  Auto-pilot, etc will go slightly to the left.





  The "fly-bridge" dashboard with wheel and controls. The

  new Yamaha engine instruments will be forward of the wheel.

  As previously indicated, he wanted to leave room on the right

  for "something else." - just in case.  No plans for a compass

  as yet. But there is a new instrument that can be dialed to point at sleepers, tailers, feeders, bait schools and breaking tuna. For a little extra there is a fine tuning to separate Albacore from YFT and BFT. Unfortunately, it can not separate Stripers from Blue Marlin. And the     two-finner and BigEye pointer is really expensive.