Another typical Wednesday. This time Daniel and I took a neighbor, Charles Wolfus, for an East End outing. Down around the "277" we spotted a sleeper. Lines in, Daniel threw a bait, fish sank out, but no bite. So we left the bait soaking and slowly trolled the area. After several minutes Daniel came up with those magic words: "I think I'm bit." Off went the line, set the hook, super job, catch the fish. Now it is Marty's turn.

    He turned down towards Pyramid and a few miles below the bank spotted another sleeper. Lines in, Marty to the bow, bait up the casting rig, balance on the pulpit and slowly approach the "fish." However, as we got closer I told Daniel that this fish didn't look right. Nice tail, but instead of the nice rounded hump of a marlin's back was a strip of PVC tubing with a cross piece at the other end.

    Apparently, the LOS PESCADORES had their annual tournament the previous week-end and Andy Crean had "salted" the waters with these fake tails and I wonder how many baits had been thrown at these "floaters" during the tournament. Most had been picked up, but this one must have swum (swimmed? swam?) off and avoided the fleet. At least I didn't have to embarrass myself with another of my impotent casts.