Progress report (Monday, May 26)


This is the added on pulpit railing. The toe rail is coming.




These are the definitive Gelendenning controls mounted  place with the breaker switches to the left. The back bulkhead is to the right and controls from the cockpit will come thru this wall. 

The original Yamaha control handles were here with the new controls to be inserted here. The autopilot will go on that flat spot to the left. 


"box" with the seat behind goes in front of this (inboard, that is) and will be moved an inch or two inboard to 
accomodate these controls which will have a cover on each.
Tony claims that the boat will be done by Thursday and Sundance should plan on picking it up.  We'll see about that. Any work that 
A rear view of the tower and dashboard. While I wa there         For perspective this is the dashboard with a black fiber  Sundance has to do can be done in the water. I believe the plan is to paint the bottom at Driscolls and then move the boat to our slip
they took the tower off and were woring on the dashboard       something which helps to reduce a lot of glare. Tony, the which is very close to the Driscoll yard. I may splurge and get a wireless remote for the autopilot to be used up topside. 
as noted to the right. The stainless tower is to be polished       boat maven, is holding the wheel about where it goes and
and the seat and padding added before putting it all back.      


will be a little higher off the surface. The controls to the  right about in the middle leaving the right side open for future use. If they ever come from Yamaha, we want to put tachs and a speedometer forward of the wheel.