August 31, 2005 - WFO Marlin


Last week-end the local center of activity was just off the 178 spot. On Sunday I went out and found that the dirty water extended out about 10 miles from Point Loma ending just about a couple of miles short of the spot. This corresponded exactly with the Terrafin Chlorophyll chart. Two days later the chart indicated that the off-color water extended past the 178 almost half way across the deep water leading out to the Ridge. Furthermore, the charts continued to show the streak of warm water leading up from the 295-D220 area to the 302 and on up the Ridge. It looked like a fine corridor for the fish down below to follow as they moved up. And reports from the Catalina Churchmouse tournament on Monday indicated that in addition to the usual spots of there there had been some activiity at the 181 and 182 areas. And Tuesday reported a fish being taken half way up from the 182 to the 181 spot. With this information we opted to head for the 182 and work up from there.

    Crossing the ditch (deep water between upper 9 and the Ridge) we found the dirty water extending half way across - exactly as the Terrafin Chlorophyll chart depicted. The temp was about 68.5, but as soon as we hit the clean water the temp jumped up to 70.1. Crossing the 182 I opted to head for the 125, a high spot just west of and above the 182 and chheck that out before returning to the bottom of the Ridge, just about the 182. Found nothing there, but returning to the chosen area we spotted a tailer and in trying to get close he (or one of his ilk) charged the lures and at 8:47 we (Kenneth and Geoff Halpern) were "on." Kenneth did the honors (30 pd. on a Steve Elkins MJG lure at 45/45) and we released it in about 45 minutes. It looked like we were about miles above the 182. (Score 1-1-1)

    During the morning there were reports of several bites and at least 3 fish being caught and taken between us and the 182. The weather was B-U-T-Ful with a nice little wind chop supposed to bring up the tailers, but, other than ours, nothing much else was seen. There were a couple of reports of feeder action, but we saw nada. As the day progressed the seas flattened out the the temp reached 71.5 (or slightly above). We then had a double bite on the same Elkins lure and the B&P EAL back there on a "whiskey line." But neither stuck. (Score 3-1-1)

    At 11:00 up came another and nailed the same Elkins jig from an out-rigger. Geoff worked that one (30 pd - 43/46) to the boat in 30 minutes and release #2 (Score 4-2-2). The lure was rigged with snelled
7-0 Gamagatsu hooks.

   While trolling next to Bob Woodard Sr., on top of the ridge we got bit on the Steve Elkins lure once again and the fish slammed the lure before we could get the drop back on the fish.  Marty “Murray” pulled on the fish for 15 minutes as the fish darted back and forth across the water.  We were in within 30 feet of the fish with the leader out of the water when the fish, which we thought was tired lit up and jumped three times before turning back towards the boat throwing the jig.  The fish was a very big fish that looked to weigh around 200 pounds or so.  Score that 5-3-2 at that point.

  We continued working up and down with reports of a fish taken outside the 302 (in the warm water streak) and constant reports of "knock-downs" and zips through our area. Meanwhile, Christina Lynn and Alfresco III were suffering through the action with nothing to report.

    About 3:30 Woddard Sr.'s Christina Lynn (with only Bob and Patty aboard) reported an Oriental Fire Drill with a triple, fish everywhere, bite on the drop-back and losing three lures to crossing lines and whatever, but one stuck and Patty caught and released that one. At this same time Harry Okuda's Alfresco III (Harry and Lan) reported a bite and hook-up with Lan doing the honors. We were a little above their area and immediately headed down to them.

    Getting into the area Geoff suggested we speed up a bit and almost immediately got nailed on that same lure and I worked the fish for a while. It settled down, but acted a little strange. We suspected a bill-wrap and, nearing the boat, put on a dazzling show while managing to give us back the lure. (Score - 6-3-2).

    At 4:55 (43/46) another Elkins lure strike, and Geoff grabbed that one. However, as Ken retrieved the drop-back it got picked up and he did the honors (30 pd.-bait) in 17 min. As Ken went to the bow Geoff fought the other from the back, but getting it to the boat in shook the lure loose. Geoff leadered the fish at the bow and - release #3  (Score - 8-5-3).  

    Meanwhile, Alfresco III nailed one and Lan released that fish. And Christina Lynn hooked up again and Bob Woodard, Sr. released his fish.

    No, it wasn't time to go home. This was a day you fished until dark. At 5:55 they attacked us again with at least two grabs being dropped, but the drop-back was picked up and I did the honors (20 pd. - bait) in 27 min. Meanwhile, Christina Lynn was bit again and they released their 3rd fish of the day. Harry Okuda got bit again, but turned out to be a Dorado. (Our score - 11-6-4). The only bad report was that my fish (on a circle hook) managed to hang up deep inside the throat (what a name for a movie - deep throat, that is) or in the stomach. As we billed the fish and placed a tag blood poured out of the gills and releasing the fish did not appear to be an option. Thus, T & R (Tag & Retrieve). This was unfortunate for it was a very small fish and the thought of ("another dead marlin in San Diego") just didn't sit well. But, rather than creating another "mud dart" or shark bait, we put it aboard and headed for port not wanting to keep the Marlin Club crowd waiting too long. Harry and Woodard, Sr. stuck it out, but nothing to report for their effort. At the Marlin Club the poor thing went only 99 1/2 pds, but, at least, there will be some smoked Marlin for us this season. And we had the opportunity of taking pictures with RELEASE boards.

    For the three of us we ended up with 7 releases for San Diego and the one tagged, but deceased, fish. And that gives the "Ken-Dan" 4 releases and 1 (T & R) so far. Yes, the season is off to a roaring start. 

    There were at least 12 or more fish taken in the area and fenders may be needed in the area this week-end if it continues.

    Oh yes, I put two of the Energizer N batteries in one of the EALs and 18 hours later it was still going strong. At 24 hours it was down to a slight whine as they pooped out. But, at $2 and change, that's a lot better than $10 for 8 hours.


976-BITE Report

Wednesday, August 31, 2005 at 8:50 pm

It was very good marlin fishing just above the 182 Spot today. Captain Bob Woodard of the Christina Lynn reported 3 marlin today. My understanding is that the Marty Morris of the Ken-Dan caught 4. I know that Walt Moss of the Kryptonite had at least one. I think the Alfresco III had at least one and I believe the Sidekick had one as well. I believe that a good percentage of these fish were released.

Bob Woodard Sr. reported that the central hotspot was at latitude and longitude coordinates 3242 and 11745 which is 27 miles 265 degrees from Point Loma. The Ken-Dan had their first fish in the area of 3246 and 11744 which is 27 miles 273 degrees from Point Loma. The Kryptonite got one at 3243 and 11745 which is 27 miles 267 degrees from Point Loma.

It sounded like there were lots of jig strikes out there today. Bob Woodard Sr. reported getting a triple jig strike out in the area of 3250 and 11757 which is 29 miles 267 degrees from Point Loma.