Mystery Fish
I will keep it short since there have already been several posts for the same day and same location.

*Great* day on the water. My father and I put the wood to the YT. Our first stop was the 425 and picked up one juv. dodo on a troll past a kelp. Stopped on the kelp which then produced two ~18lb YT and a few rats.

Continued on throughout the day stopping at paddies when we could find them and always got 1-2 keepers (>15lbs) and several rats.

One of the last paddies, near the 302, as soon as the bait hit the water, my dad was on. After a short fight, found an albie on the end. We were both surprised to find it right under the patty. The bait had no chance to swim down so the fish had to be cruising the surface.

One the way home, found this mystery fish skimming the surface (pic below). At first thought it was a marlin, but then after getting closer and looking at the fins, didn't look like one.

Anyone care to educate me?

Final score:
6 YT (probably released a dozen or so)
1 dodo
1 albie

Great day to be out, heard lots of radio fish, albies, YFT, but it certainly was not "wide open" on the tuna. Heard a lot of people saying the dodos were kind of a nuisance, but we only had one encounter with a dodo, after that they were extinct. YT was like a all you can eat buffet with some great grade fish on most paddies.
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