1995 Season

    Local Marlin fishing was a little slow in taking off. On Sept. 2, the start of the Labor Day week-end Joe Lops on the HIGH ROLLER reported taking a fish south of the islands (Coronados, that is). The next day Kenneth and I started out west of North Island and listened to Harry Okuda on his ALFRESCO II getting a double bite south of the island. We headed down there, but little happened. In early afternoon we were trolling along in that area when we heard a short click (i.e zip). It didn't amount to much but shortly thereafter a marlin came up in the lures. Down we went dropping a bait back as one of our favorite black & purple Sable Fish lures was bit and the bait fish also picked up. In the melee the Sable Fish clone got bit off and we proceeded to work on the other fish. As we did we observed that something was snagged on the line. As we worked the fish and retrieved the line we startled to see - hanging by its hook - the Sable Fish clone. Slowly we got to it and managed to retrieve the lure and then got the fish.

    Meanwhile just about everyone else in the area was getting bit and it seemed like the day ended with everyone getting at least 2 fish - including us. We continued working back and forth in the area and while talking to Gene Grimes we got another double. One came off, but we got the second fish.

    How good was it? Mike "The Beak" Hurt was fishing at San Clemente Island with Gary Jasper. When they heard what was happening ran back, got there about 4 PM and still managed to get 3 fish.