July 23-25, 2003
    For the past few years my brother Alan has come out for a couple of days of albacoring. In addition, my cousin, Phil Levinson, living in Boca Raton, Florida, has come out, fished with us, and had been able to take home photos of his albacoring deeds. This year we not only were able to get both of them together, but added a third partner in grime, Art Levinson, Phil's "my-son-the-attorney" from the Chicago suburbs. Geoff Halpern and Kenneth, "my-son-the-doctor," joined this merry crew, all somehow DNA -related, except for Geoff. It turned out to be one of those hour-plus WFO bites and the 6 of us got 32 fish  (limits plus) during that flurry of excitement. That was on Wednesday July 23 and we set up a second trip the following Friday, the 25th. Geoff remained at home and was replaced by the sixth member of our DNA chain, Daniel, my-son-the-hotel magnate. We weren't too fortunate that day for the further south we went, the further off the bite seemed to be. At about 86 miles we turned off, heading back only to later hear the THE bite had taken off at 100 miles, straight west of Cape Colnett. By the time we were able to pin-point the location we had gone too far in the opposite direction and never got bit again. But that one WFO bite on Wednesday had been enough for the relatives.

(Left to Right) Kenneth, Phil, Art, Alan, Geoff, and Marty