It floats!

We went for a little ride and learned that there is a "slight" difference between twin outboards and twin inboards. Also, a difference between separate (gear shift and throttle) controls vs combined (forward and reverse with throttle) levers. Learning curve? You bet!  One of the biggest differences (for me, anyway) is the rough transition from neutral to idle to acceleration. It is very rough and is going to take lots of practice (practice, practice) before getting (hopefully) smoother. Having a "heavy hand" doesn't help. Also, you learn to use the trim tabs a lot more than simply lowering them. We have a nice wide slip and I figured that backing in would be easy. NOT! Even lining up to nose in is challenging and I let the Sundance man handle it. And so - it's those three magic words - Practice-practice-practice. 



 Marty   ----(---(