LABC - Avalon Tournament - 1985


1985 saw exceptional fishing on the backside of Santa Barbara Island. Prior to the tournament we fished in the BAC Masters Tournament and got a fish on the "175." We saw lots of fish up there and in the following week moved to the backside. During the tournament I fished with Harry and Sanbo and Dr. Sakaguchi released one. That was the tournament when the "SASSY SISSY" made a sudden stop leaving the anchorage with a large rock making a distinct impression on their bow. Kenny Cohen came over, dove in the water and helped pass a large tarpaulin under the bow helping to seal off the hole in the hull. They were then able to limp back to King Harbor in Redondo Beach.

    That tournament was also noteworthy when the "WAR EAGLE" declared a "release," but the fish came up dead. They called this in and the tournament committee, headed by the Club President, advised them they they did not have to return the fish to Avalon until the next day.

    In the month that followed the fishing held up back there. On one occasion Gary Graham impaled his leg on a large marlin hook. In the anchorage he ("WATER CLOSET") tied up to the "ZOPILOTE" in the anchorage, I came aboard and, without local anesthesia, I extracted the hook from his leg.

    I went out one day with Jordy Weitzman on his "HAVEN" and we (Jordy) got one. Another day Geoff and I went out there and got 4 fish. We took two and released the other 2. I also blew a transmission and had to get 1 1/2 of those fish on the one engine, limping back to Marina Del Rey. Then home, ice the fish down and to Henry's in the AM for smoking. (Geoff's 126, Marty's 140).