February 25, 2005 - They're (still) biting. Dennis Albert and I made a run to the "9" last nite. The storms didn't seem to have affected the creatures. In fact, the nite before one of the sport boats out of Seaforth had them "floating" and were able to free gaff some. We tried their spot on the inside drop-off of the bank. Nothing happened for 20 minutes so we slid out to the outside drop-off. By 7:30 I had a pulled muscle in the back, both shoulders were sore and we were on our way back in. Lots of cleaning and packing (my office co-workers can't wait). They sure pull hard and it beats (ugh) bottom fishing. What you see below is not incontinence, but the result of pointing the wrong end of the creatures in the wrong direction. I guess that's why they call them "squirters." "Splashing" is more like it.

The KEN-DAN flying the "1st Rat of the year" flag.



Not Incontinence