September 25 - Ken gets 2 Bigeye

  Not too much to report for the year. But Kenneth supplied a nice day's report. He had entered the private boater's realm with a 20' Grady White, DEEP COLOR which he had rigged for fishing. Every so often he would solo out to the "9" (i.e. 9 mile bank) or in and around the Coronado Islands.  On September. 25th while trolling "out there" he hung a Bigeye double and managed to bring in both fish by himself.


On October 1, Kenneth went out again on his 20' Grady, DEEP COLOR - this time with friends. They had a triple - one on a Rapala fell off and a second on a Marlin jig came off early in the struggle. The third one was a classic Bigeye "gorilla" on 30# line and spent 3 hours and 55 minutes bringing in a 142-1/2 pounder. Both Ken and Steve Dern fought the fish.