1994 Season

    Nothing special to report for the year, but we did fish in the Marlin Club ILTT. The participation was noteworthy for we had with us a couple of individuals not reported on too much in these proceedings. That is, Gene Zander, a former member of the LABC, retired and living in Julian, fished with us. Gene, unfortunately, passed away after succumbing to a severe infection he contracted having dental work done in - ugh - Tijuana. That was one bargain where he got more than expected. Our other "guest" was a professional skipper, one Ron Costa, he of the "HAPPY KANAKE" fame. Ron was already having severe orthopedic problems and required the use of leg braces whenever up. But we got him up to the helm seat and he was grateful just to be out on the water.

   We fished off Catalina's East End and spent part of the day chasing tailers. Not known for my casting the others would run to the bow, throw baits here and there, and I was the designated drop-backer. And so it went when guess who got picked up? Yup, yours truly hung one and then the decision to take or release. Release points were 120 points and when it jumped the others thought it was substantially larger than that. I wasn't so sure. The tournament had an award for the 1st release and none had been taken by then. I should have gone for it. But we took the fish and it only weighed 125-1/2. That was all we did in the tournament.