Fishing the high seas with Ms. Amelia

Amelia, approaching her 4th BD has repeatedly asked to "go fishing." She received a small play rod and reel for her last BD and wanted a chance to use it. We (Amelia, Ken and I) tried a month or so ago and caught nada. So we tried again sliding up to the La Jolla Kelp. We slid in close and saw some breaking mackeral. So it was "game on." We put small pieces of squid on our rigs as well as hers and immediately hooked up. As pictures will show she was able to crank a couple in (with a little help from Dada).  So we brought back another dozen, including 3 Spaniards, for the big receiver in the slip. This doesn't quite qualify Amelia for the Marlin Club, but at least she's on the board.