My 1st Marlin - April 27, 1969


This is the 1st Marlin I ever caught. This was a trip to Rancho Buena Vista with  members of the Del Rey Marlin Club. We trolled for 3 days, saw dozens of 'tailers', but no biters until the last hour of the 3rd day. It grabbed a trolled flying fish, the deckhand jerked on the rod setting the hook, and I managed to crank it in on 80 pound line in about 5 minutes. Not very romantic, but after the frustration of the 3 days we were taking anything. - c.a. 154 lbs ("70 kilo"). It was mounted along with the dorado and has hung on many walls. It now resides at Aloha Printers in San Marcos, the printer for our Make-A-Wish Tuna Challenge Tournament. The dorado resides in the San Diego Marlin Club alongside my 1st Swordfish.