August 27, 1980

A nice day was had out on the ocean on Aug. 27, 1980. We got word of tuna being seen southwest of the islands in the direction of the "371."  We headed out in that direction trolling around for nothing. So we turned towards the "425." Half way there we spotted a tailer. As Geoff ran to the bow to cast a bait the fish spotted the lure running from the fly-bridge, shot in, grabbed the lure and I was able to crank it in.

    We turned around and heading back to the west spotted a large group of porpoise. Trolling through the group we proceded to get bit on tuna over and over again and also on a Marlin that Geoff brought in. We (Geoff, Kenneth, Daniel and I) also had Bud Perkins and Sanbo Sakaguchi along with us. Bud helped bring in the tunas and Sanbo put out one of his "hot" Kona jigs. Even this got bit and Sanbo courageously fought the beast for all of 5 minutes bringing it in on 80# tackle. 3 Marlin and 7 tuna - not a bad day of fishing.