Got Marlin-Lost Gaff

    With Kenneth having recorded his 1st Marlin in 1978 and Daniel his in 1979, my angler days were slowing down. I now became a driver, rigger, baiter, hooker, gaffer, but not too often an angler. It was time to get the boys back on the scoring board - again - and again, etc, etc, etc. And this was the year to prove it.

    While the albacore season was taking off in mid-July we took off for a local ("302", etc) trip. First thing in the morning, while they were still asleep I saw 3 sleepers. These were not the usual sightings for 2 of those tails were the usual fins we so often see. The third surely must have been either a Blue or Black Marlin for that tail was twice the size of the other 2, at least 3 feet out of the water. All I could do was troll the jigs in front of them, but no takers.

    Continuing on the troll we got bit and put Kenneth on the fish. In 10 minutes he had the fish to the starboard corner. I ran down, reached out with our long (fixed, should have used a flying) gaff, nailed the fish. Unfortunately, the fish was quite ready to join us on the boat. As I sunk the hook the fish exploded and took off. The gaff shot out of my hand as if it was greased. But it was still hooked and 30 minutes later we gaffed it again. This time for good. This was no wimpy fish going 186 pound on 30 pound  tackle.