October with Ken and Dan 

   October was a good month - Following our "sixtuple" adventure at San Clemente Island and having 2 "observer" fish in the LABC Avalon Tournament we were back in San Diego and time to take the boys out again. On Oct 17th we headed out in the direction of Clemente. In early morning we were out past the "182" short of the "43" when I ran a large group of porpoise. Yes, the Marlin do run with the porpoise and in the group we got bit and Kenneth worked a fish for 48 minutes on 30 - 156#. We continued on towards the "289" and then to Clemente. Up ahead a bunch of feeders popped up. Daniel ran to the bow to hook up a bait and gave a classic demonstration on why one should have a bait already hooked up and swimming with a swivel in the bow tank. While Kenneth cranked in the lines I watched with both frustration and a certain feeling of amusement while Daniel nervously dropped one slippery bait after another on the deck. Meanwhile the feeders were going strong. By the time he managed to get a bait on the hook the feeders were gone - as so often happens.

    So back to the troll and heading towards Pyramid. Getting closer a fish popped up in the jigs and Daniel dropped a bait back. Nothing happened so I told him to slowly crank the bait back. As he did so the fish popped up behind the bait and I told Daniel to "let him have it." He let it drop back again and this time it got eatin'. Another nice fish and Daniel worked it for 2 hours and 20 min, but we got it - 171# on 30. We stayed at Pyramid that night and back to the Marlin Club in the morning with nothing to show for the trip back.

    The following Wednesday Geoff and I took his brother, Barry, out and had another good trip to Clemente.

    And the next week-end (Oct. 24) it was back to the boys. Somewhere out there we got bit and Kenneth got it - 163 pounds on 30 - 1 hour and 29 minutes. We stayed at Pyramid and the next AM trolled our way back. Out near the "182" there was a short "zip," we dropped a bait back and hooked up another fish. Daniel got that one - a baby at 102-1/2 pounds - in 25 minutes.