The weather forecast was NW winds 10-15 and they were right.  It blew NW 15 going out, all day, and all the way back to Mission Bay. We had limits, of course, before we left the slip.

     That story of limits from the 371 Bank this morning was pure radio fish. Sounds like a report from the day before. We fished the region of the 302 Spot and 230 Spot and  to the west way past the seiners toward the 1000 fathom curve and had a double on albacore at about 0900. The two bait fish were large bonies.    

     Shortly thereafter we worked back  to the area between the 371 Bank and 302 and got a single jig fish of approximately 28-30 pounds about  2 to 3 miles SW of the 302 Spot. We also added about half a dozen bonies during the day.

       Most of the reports we heard of from the area were "2 doubles near the 371 Bank,"  "a double and two bait fish," lots of singles and occasional 2's and lots of boats with zero.

     We only had faint reports from up above, but it looks like quite a bit of fish moved up the Ridge line from the 224 to the 182.  And hence? only tomorrow will tell.

     First trip and blood on the deck - sorry, no Champagne.